JMango and Paythru Partner to Improve Mobile Commerce and Payments

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 28, 2013 --( International mobile solutions firm JMango and leading mobile commerce and payments specialist paythru have just announced that they will be entering into a partnership that will enable both firms to utilize each other’s technologies. Under the deal, both companies will be combining their technologies to create a new EMV-compliant mobile payment solution.

A well-established player in the mobile commerce and payments industry, paythru seeks to expand its reach in mobile through JMango’s 360 Mobile Development Platform. The platform allows mobile applications to be created and deployed to all major mobile operating systems using a single line of code, while adhering to the strict payment industry security standards.

“We’re pleased to be on-track with our continued advancement in mobile payments. Mobile is and has always been one of the biggest opportunities for us, so it was really important for us to find the right partners to work with,” said Keith Brown, Managing Director of paythru. “While wide device coverage can drive adoption, security is still our priority. After reviewing our options, we found our ideal partner in JMango,” he added.

Security is a top concern in the mobile payments industry. Recent research has shown that a wide majority of consumers cite security issues as one of the main hurdles keeping them from utilizing mobile payments.

Their concerns are not unfounded. 2012 has seen a massive increase in mobile attacks and their severity. Studies point to an even further increase in the coming years.

JMango is no stranger to mobile payments and commerce. The company has spent a substantial effort in the security of its platform. JMango 360 now employs some of the toughest security measures in the industry, including encryption via AES and Triple DES as well as being set up for PCI compliance.

The firm has already deployed a wide range of solutions for banks and remittance firms, to food deliveries and taxi firms. Through paythru’s payment platform, JMango will now be able to offer payment processing services to all its customers.

“From early on in the discussions between our firm and paythru, it was really apparent that our companies are a perfect fit with each other,” said Ilan Oosting, CEO of JMango. “Their payment platform will be an integral tool for us in our efforts to advance the mobile payments space. It’s definitely a win-win scenario for both our companies,” he added.

Both companies are currently working on an EMV-compliant mobile payment solution that will allow merchants to add payment features to their mobile applications easily and inexpensively.
Allan Bennetto