The Perfect Cure for Anybody Suffering from Harry Potter Withdrawal is Now Here

"Generations," a new novel by Scottish author William Meikle, provides action, adventure, brave teenagers, eccentric adults, and a whole array of magical beasts that must be destroyed... or befriended.

Kinross, United Kingdom, August 05, 2007 --( Tom wants to see a dragon. And his Grandad wants to make one. But neither of them are prepared for the consequences when they accidentally spill Grandad's special growth formula on the ground.

Insects, grown to giant-size, start to emerge, a few only at first, then more and more... A huge, swarming, mass of them.

The trail of mindless destruction starts with Grandad's house, then the nearest town, before marching on Edinburgh.

Now Tom, along with Farmer's daughter Kate, must battle against the giant bugs to save the country.

They need help... big help. The kind of help a dragon can provide...

The book is published by Anglo-Spanish publisher Libros International.

ISBN: 1905988230 , 220pp, RRP £6.99

William Meikle is a Scottish author, with six novels published in the USA including his Lovecraftian PI novel, The Midnight Eye Files: The Amulet.

There are three more novels coming in 2007/8 and he also has over 150 short story credits in the genre press. his work has appeared in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Greece, Saudi Arabia and India.

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