Denver Repair Specialists Ainsworth Trailer Repair Inc. Now Offering Truck Operators FHWA Inspection Services

Denver, CO, March 02, 2013 --( Respected Denver-based trailer repair specialists Ainsworth Trailer Repair Inc. is now offering clients fast and thorough FHWA inspection services. Ainsworth’s FHWA inspection services are designed to encompass evolving industry regulatory standards and will ensure that US-based fleet operators have access to high quality repair facilities for any tractor/trailer repairs discovered during their yearly inspections.

As transportation industry guidelines evolve into new federal requirements, carriers and operators must submit their tractors and trailers to inspection each year to ensure that vehicles are in optimal roadworthy condition. Companies are required by the DOT to commit their fleet to annual reviews by authorized FWHA inspectors, and repairs done within a reasonable amount of time, or risk being shut down by the DOT. The FHWA service from Ainsworth Trailer Repair Inc. will ensure that operators can have their fleet checked by professionals who have both the industry experience and the business understanding to ensure that inspection and maintenance work is carried out cost-effectively and with an eye on timely intervention for potentially expensive issues.

As part of the Ainsworth’s FHWA inspection service, the crew at Denver-based trailer maintenance experts Ainsworth Trailer Repair Inc. will assess all major vehicle components including electrical systems, brake systems and drive train to ensure that these elements are working without defect or the possibility of major defect. Professional mechanics will also ensure that any signs of vehicle wear and tear are noted for potential repair at a date that is best for the owner/operator.

By committing to FHWA inspections through Ainsworth Trailer Repair Inc., US based fleet operators can achieve optimal professional trailer standards. To learn more about these services, please contact the company’s in-house repair team directly or visit their website at
Ainsworth Trailer Repair Inc.
Jerry Ainsworth