Alpha Prolongs Generator Life with AlphaGen™ Extended Service Oil Kits

Bellingham, WA, March 02, 2013 --( Global power solution provider, Alpha Technologies, announces the addition of Extended Service Oil Kits to its AlphaGen™ 7.5kW generator to substantially lengthen runtime and reduce ongoing operating expenses.

The newly introduced Extended Service Oil Kit measures current generator oil levels and automatically taps into a backup reservoir when it senses a low reading. The advanced monitoring technology extends generator service life from 100 hours of runtime to 250 hours of runtime, a 150% increase to improve efficiency, reliability and reduce ongoing operating costs for system users.

“The AlphaGen Extended Service Oil Kit provides a streamlined and self-sustaining solution that maximizes service life by way of a highly intelligent oil monitoring system,” said John Hewitt, Vice President of Broadband Sales and Product Management. “This new offering is a great example of Alpha’s commitment to product enhancements focused on improving the overall customer experience with our products.”

The AlphaGen Extended Service Oil Kit is specifically designed for the AlphaGen 7.5kW generator, a cost-effective solution with a compact footprint to allow for easier installation in populated areas. Each AlphaGen system incorporates industry-leading power technology including natural gas or propane powered generators, exclusive audible noise baffling, remote status monitoring features and durable, weather resistant enclosures.

“Now coupled with the Extended Service Oil Kit, the AlphaGen 7.5kW generator is the all-around superior solution for highly reliable telecom and broadband powering applications,” said Hewitt.

For more information about AlphaGen systems and the Extended Service Oil Kit, contact your local Alpha representative or visit

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