Minneapolis College Students to Film in La Crescent, MN - “213” Is No Small Endeavor

Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) students gearing up for weekend shoot at La Crescent Cabin.

La Crescent, MN, March 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A location has been obtained, professional actors cast, hotel rooms, transport vehicles, and film equipment are all rented. Just because it is a student film, doesn’t make it a small endeavor, by any means. “213” will have a traveling crew of 12 plus 4 actors who will transform a tranquil, hilltop cabin into a gritty, grindhouse-style setting for the 15 minute revenge flick.

“213” Director, Gabriel Coleman is excited about finally getting this project filmed. “As soon as we found the cabin, everything seemed to click into place.” The cabin, which overlooks the Mississippi River Valley is rich in character and beauty that the film’s Director claims, “Is perfect in its completeness for all of our locations.” The Filmmakers will commence shooting Sunday, March 3rd - Wednesday, March 6th.

“Such an endeavor can be daunting for out of town students,” adds Mike Richardson, “213’s,” Producer. He and Coleman have worked three months on the pre-production for the project; renting the location, vehicles, and hotel rooms for the group of nearly twenty artists. “It’s been pricey, but our team really does incredible work. Hope our fundraising efforts pan out - but it’s too late now - Here we come.”

More information on the project can be found through the film’s Indiegogo, “213 - a Richardson, Coleman, and MCTC Production” or on their Facebook Page, “213.” Through sponsorship, contributors can get video updates, as well as, have an opportunity to receive DVD’s, invitations, and other perks.

Once the film is completed in June, the filmmakers plan to submit “213” and their previous projects, “Cheated,” “Unfortunate Engagement,” and “Refreshing” to film festivals nationwide.
MCTC Student Cinema - 213
Mike Richardson