With the Price of Gasoline Constantly, Individual’s Families and Truck Drivers Are Asking How They Can Save on Fuel

HydroDynamicsHHO has been working tirelessly for over ten years helping consumers save fuel and the environment. Improving Gas mileage can be a tricky, in most cases a driver has to make sacrifices.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 05, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Here are 11 proven tips on how to save fuel.

1. The most efficient method of getting the most out of your fuel is, installing a Hydrogen Generator. The initial expense of adding a proven HHO unit is more costly than those listed below but the results are much greater. A certified Hydrogen Generator will help your engine save 20%-50% on fuel, run cooler, burn cleaner, add horsepower and will reduce your carbon footprint as much as 95%.
2. Slow down-one of the best ways to save fuel, more distance out of each gallon of fuel.
3. Check your tire pressure-Under inflated tires are a common cause of bad MPG
4. Check your air filter-restricted air flow harms performance and the economy
5. Accelerate with care-accelerate modestly
6. Hang with the trucks-Drive at a constant speed like the trucks do
7. Get back to nature-Consider shutting off the air conditioner
8. Back off changing the manufacturer’s specifications, new big wheels look good but may not be efficient
9. Clean out your car to save weight
10. Downsize, smaller cars are more efficient or hybridize-make your vehicle a Hybrid
11. Don't drive – Avoid unnecessary driving

Hydrogen on demand is a safe and effective way to help your engine burn fuel more efficiently and cleaner. Hydrogen Generators have been used on internal combustion engines since 1807. The HydroDynamicsHHO team has been dedicated since 1999 to develop and perfect the safest, most reliable Hydrogen Generators available that works seamlessly on Diesel and Gasoline engines. Save 20% to 50%+ on fuel costs.

If you or somebody you know is interested in saving fuel, increasing horsepower, reducing pollution while helping their engine last longer, spread the word, share these tips with them.
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