AMA Dance & Music School Launches a New Performance Company: The AMA Dance Force

A new dance company plans to take the Des Plaines community by storm.

Des Plaines, IL, March 02, 2013 --( AMA Dance & Music School is known for its Broadway-style choreography and routines with dozens of students performing together. When older students requested more opportunities to perform, the dance staff and Studio Director Ann Marie Frank listened. After careful planning, a performance company was born.

The Company Manager, Amy Probasco, shares: “I’m so excited to be able to give our students amazing venues to perform at, such as Six Flags, The Allstate Arena, Navy Pier, parades, and summer fests. The possibilities are endless! Performing is a win-win for our students. It gives them some great experience as performers and enforces that we are team with a positive role in the community.”

Auditions for The AMA Dance Force were held in December 2012. Over 51 dancers auditioned and 36 accepted the invitation to become members of the team. There are 28 student members in the Jazz Ensemble, and 18 student members in the Tap Ensemble. Rehearsals began in January and will continue over the next few months.

Director Ann Marie Frank is delighted to fill the demand at AMA for a performance company.

“So many schools are focused on competition and winning, they forget that our role as teachers is to ENcourage, not DIScourage,” she says. “Even reality TV focuses on winning. Instead, at AMA our priority is to enjoy the talent we have here, and share it. Each of our team members bring something unique to the table and that is what we prefer to focus on!"

On The AMA Dance Force, everybody wins: the students, the families – and the community.
AMA Dance & Music School
Ann Marie Frank, Owner and Director