The CytoPatch™2: Faster, Cheaper, and More Powerful

Cytocentrics Bioscience GmbH, inventors of Cytocentering technology for automated patch clamp, is proud to announce the release of the second generation GLP compliant CytoPatch™ instrument, the CytoPatch2.

Rostock, Germany, March 06, 2013 --( The CytoPatch2 builds on the technical success of the original CytoPatchTM system and is the first fully automated patch clamp system that is a viable alternative to manual patch clamp. Designed to closely mimic manual patch clamp processes, the CytoPatch2 generates the same high quality data as an experienced electrophysiologist working manually, and offers the broadest range of protocol flexibility of any available automated patch clamp system, making it ideal for researchers interested in ion channel biophysical characterisation and pharmacology.

Because the CytoPatch2 matches manual patch clamp with respect to data quality, users can fully benefit from the three R’s of automation without compromise. Reproducibility of data quality is gained by taking human subjectivity out of the patch process, Robustness of an assay is improved with the CytoPatch2 monitoring every step in the patch process and ensuring user-definable quality control criteria are met, and Reliability of the process is ensured by the fully integrated nature of the system components in the CytoPatch2. Additionally, by recording from two cells simultaneously, the CytoPatch2 offers double the throughput compared to manual patch clamp, and combined with walk-away operation, the addition of the CytoPatch2 into any patch clamp laboratory guarantees a significant increase in productivity.

By combining the microfluidic Cytocentering technology with a sophisticated liquid handling system and an all new digital amplifier with both voltage- and current clamp capabilities, the CytoPatch2 can record whole cell and single channel currents, and works equally well for voltage gated ion channels (constant perfusion mode) and ligand gated ion channels (fast solution exchange, <4ms compound wash-in, <10ms wash-out). The microfluidic scale of the patch consumable, which incorporates a glass patch pipette, means that the system requires very low numbers of cells (150 cells per capture), low volumes of compound and works with a wide variety of cell types, including cell lines, stem cells and derivatives such as cardiomyocytes, and primary cells such as chondrocytes and smooth muscle cells.

The WorkFlow Manager software package enables either a single, or group of, CytoPatch2 unit(s) to function as an effective screening system for CRO and Pharmaceutical company laboratories in areas such as cardiac safety testing and lead optimisation. And with the addition of two new software packages, The Assay Designer, and The Cockpit, it has never been easier to create new patch protocols and to interact with the CytoPatch2 in real time, making the CytoPatch2 an ideal research or assay development tool.

Dr Thomas Knott, CEO and founder of Cytocentrics, said, “We are extremely excited about the release of the CytoPatch2. It is the result of many man-years of research and development and there is now a system available to our customers that really viable alternative to manual patch clamp. Matched with our (Cytocentrics’) continuing commercial development we are confident that Cytocentering technology and the CytoPatch2 has the potential to replace manual patch clamp in the majority of cases.”

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