The Budget School Introduces New Budgeting Tools to Combat Sequester

The Budget School announces the release of the Ultimate Budgeting Tool to counteract the budget cuts of the sequester.

Columbia, SC, March 06, 2013 --( The Budget School announces the release of the Ultimate Budgeting Tool to counteract negative effects of the sequester. The resource is one of several budgeting tools offered by the brand. It’s an automated budget worksheet equipped with interactive video to illustrate budgeting best practices for those who will need to reevaluate the condition of their personal finances during this first round of budget cuts. Amounting to $85 billion over the next ten months, these setbacks will play a major role in the US economy. “We teach our users to be accountable for managing their own money,” said Sheri Harrison, co-founder of The Budget School. “If we can reduce our personal debt and create opportunities to save, then we can counteract the effects of decreased financial support for state and federal programs.”

The Ultimate Budgeting Tool is set to aid those who will experience job loss, fewer working hours, a decrease in business activity and career changes as result of the government’s decreased spending in sectors like healthcare, the airline industry, the military, Head Start and anyone who relies on federal money both directly and indirectly. “Even businesses that provide goods and services to military personnel or public school employees can be affected. These effects trickle down to business owners and eventually to the average consumer,” said Harrison. “Now is a good time to practice personal money management using effective budgeting tools, which is why we decided to offer The Ultimate Budgeting Tool as a viable resource.”

The Ultimate Budgeting Tool was designed by co-founder of The Budget School, Dan Mastromonaco, based on the principles he and his wife used to completely pay off their debt in their first year of marriage. It’s equipped with the features to help users save time, save money and reduce financial burdens caused by the misallocation of funds. “I wanted to create a resource that eliminated confusion in regards to the process of budgeting money,” said Mastromonaco. “We prepare our users to budget their money through video tutorials, screen shots and written instructions. The idea is to empower them to take control of their money in order to reach personal finance goals. The sequester has made us all take a second look at finance management.”

As the sequester brings forth new conversations about money management, spending and budgeting, websites like are adjusting to the needs of society by providing budgeting tools to help individuals create their own financial balance. For more information, contact Sheri Harrison at
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