Activz Launches Breakthrough Whole-Food Products at Expo West 2013

Orem, UT, March 06, 2013 --( Activz, a company devoted to whole-food nutrition, will launch a new line of more than 30 synthetic-free, whole-food supplements at Natural Products Expo West 2013. The event will take place March 8-10 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

On top of eating a balanced diet, the need to supplement increases as continual planting, fertilizing and harvesting depletes soil of naturally occurring vitamin, mineral and phytochemical content. However, dietary supplements can help maintain optimal health and build resistance against diseases only if they derive from whole-food sources rather than ineffective and potentially harmful synthetic nutrients.

The impressive line of Activz supplements ranges from multivitamins to protein shakes and snack bars, as well as delicious whole-food powders that retain farm-fresh color, flavor and nutrition for months on end and contain no preservatives. In stark contrast to competing products, Activz supplements and powders are 100% synthetic-free and whole food–based, which means consumers do not need to worry about negative reactions from chemicals and synthetics toxic to the body. Activz is made from whole-food ingredients including fresh fruits and vegetables that are picked at the height of nutritional values. Special manufacturing processes are used to ensure protection of delicate nutrient compounds. Activz’s premier technology provider, PowderPure, retains phytonutrient content without using chemical solvents or excessive heat.

Activz is excited for the upcoming expo and the opportunity to introduce their line into a variety of markets, especially the health novice corner of the market. “Everyone wants the satisfaction of living healthy, but not everyone knows where to start,” said Frank Davis, CEO. “We’ve launched our new line with simplicity in mind, specifically to appeal to that beginner’s understanding, yet offer them the quality even purists can recognize and value.”

About Activz:
Activz is a natural products company that is 100% devoted to providing “food actives” – the living, bioactive nutrition of whole foods – instead of the synthetic nutrition offered by most supplements and processed, packaged foods. After a decade of ongoing research into whole-food sources, Activz has produced a standout line of supplements, snack bars and whole-food powders that are synthetic-free. For more information about Activz, visit or call 801.615.7770.

Contact: Denise Bruhns, FFH Chief Marketing Officer,, 801.919.3172.
Denise Bruhns