Creative Danes Introduces the Unique Dropp! Bowl in New Colors

The fluid, flowing shapes of nature mixed with modern colors culminate in a bowl that breaks the bounds of your everyday surroundings.

Carlsbad, CA, March 12, 2013 --( Water is seldom still; it has a constantly changing presence, whether as waves on the ocean or drops from heaven. Inspired by the natural qualities of
water and man’s fascination with it, designer Niels Römer has frozen a moment in time in nature’s domain to create Dropp! in a design that merges the
commonplace with colors and shapes that break with all traditional thinking.

Picture a falling drop of water, and in the split-second that it hits the surface and splashes upwards it forms a bowl shape. The modern twist to the organic shape is the beautiful colors, as if the bowl is the result of a drop of paint.

You can use Dropp! as a bread basket in the kitchen or placed in the entrance way in which to put keys and coins. The bowl itself is very decorative and forms a striking addition in any surroundings.

Dropp! has always been available in a range of attractive colors, with a matte finish on the outside and a smooth shiny inside, and now Dropp! is being
introduced in two new colors – deep red and strong grey.
Creative Danes
Lars Nielsen