Creative Danes Introduces Propeller Trivet in New Colors

The Propeller Trivet Takes Off Anew! The simple, functional Propeller trivet is being introduced in five attractive new colors.

Carlsbad, CA, March 11, 2013 --( The Propeller trivet is a functional solution for everyday use. Gathering at meal time and dining together has always been part of our culture, and in the modern family, meal time is often an important ritual.

Too often we do not see one another for more than a few hours in between school, work and leisure pursuits, and meal times are among those precious
few times when the whole family is gathered together and we have time to talk.

Conjuring up exciting new meals every evening can be a challenge, especially if time is pressing. But this is not the most important thing. When family and friends are gathered together, what counts are good humor and a good atmosphere so that the dining ritual becomes a cozy, relaxing and enjoyable occasion.

Let the small things count. Find the time to talk already while you are cooking and setting the table. You do not even need to serve the food in a fancy
manner; instead, place the warm pots and pans on the table and make simple, functional design an integral part of the daily ritual.

The innovative Propeller trivet is designed by Jakob Wagner. When the Propeller is folded together, it takes up minimal space in the kitchen drawer or on the shelf. This has made Propeller a prizewinning product, which is now being introduced in five completely new colors to match your everyday requirements.
Creative Danes
Lars Nielsen