RedCamel Solutions Reveals: The First Ever Basketball Workouts for the Brain

This one-of-a-kind patent pending technology was tested on college teams and was proven repeatedly to dramatically improve players’ performance on court.

Tel Aviv, Israel, August 06, 2007 --( RedCamel Solutions launched their site, demonstrating an innovative patent-pending technology that enables to stimulate the brain functions responsible for a basketball players’ cognitive skills (brain skills) that were so far considered as almost impossible to teach.

This unique “Basketball Workouts for the Brain” system was originally developed by a group of Israeli cognition scientists in order to improve the cognitive skills of top fighter pilots. A fighter pilot must take in the entire combat scene at a glance, take into account all variables, and make the right decisions under intense pressure―all in matter of seconds.

Fighter pilots who used the system, measurably improved their performance in the air by an amazing average of 30%.

While working on the project, the developers of this “Brain-Gym” system noticed that the brain skills required by top fighter pilots are amazingly similar to those required of professional basketball players on court.

From that moment, this system was adapted by a team of computer programmers and thirty basketball coaches for use by any basketball player at any level – focusing on junior high, high school and collegiate players.

The outcome was a computer software that looks and feels like a classic video game; while the player shoots at moving “spaceships” and chases other targets, the software automatically analyzes his or her brain skills and customizes a tailor-made training program for that specific player.

Basketball players reported that by adding this brain-training program to their regular basketball workouts program dramatically changed their performance on court in the areas of decision-making, reading the court, and execution, particularly during money-time situations.

One interesting result was that players who used this software reported that the game "slowed down for them", enabling them to make accurate and smart moves, passes, and shots like never before.

They reported seeing what other players don't, understanding what's happening on court way before their teammates and opponents, and finally, making those “right decisions” while other players freeze up.

“This technology is undoubtedly revolutionary” Says Yaron Lavi, RedCamel Solution’s CEO, “For the first time ever it was proven to teach skills that so far were considered a matter of instinct a basketball player either had or didn’t.”

“Traditionally, the only way a basketball player could improve his or her peripheral vision, game intelligence and real-time decision-making was court time and plenty of it. Unfortunately, court time is a precious commodity during which far too much is at stake to allow for teaching.”

“For the first time ever, by training at home in front of the computer, any basketball player is given the chance to dramatically improve his or her performance on court within as little as 6 to 8 weeks of training.” – says Lavi.

RedCamel Solutions
Yaron Lavi