America's Premier Dog Barkery Present New Line of Gourmet Doggie Treats

Give A Doggy A Bone Now Offers New Line of Treats Based on Popular Human Confectionaries and Assorted Popular Culture Foods

Cincinnati, OH, March 07, 2013 --( When was the last time you bought fast food French fries? Yesterday or today, most likely. And, if you’re like over 70% of Americans, you own a dog who would very much like a bite of your tasty treat. Well, now you can satisfy your doggie’s craving too, but with a healthy new product called, “Doggie Fries” from “Give A Doggy A Bone,” which bills itself as “America’s Premier Dog Barkery.” The pale yellow “fries” are about five inches long and come in the very same brightly colored cardboard French fry boxes fast food establishments use. They are made with real chicken and are currently close to becoming the barkery’s number one best seller.

Also included in the new line of treats and based on popular food items is “Tail Waggers” that look so much like Oreo’s that your doggie will demand a bowl of milk to go along with his “cookies”, which are much healthier and made out of chicken! “Peamutt Butter Pup Cups” are included in the line-up which look almost exactly like a Reeses cup, even down to the paper cup liner, but all made with carob (a very tasty alternative to chocolate, which dogs can’t have) and homemade “peamutt butter” which is made right at the barkery starting with fresh, whole peanuts which are then roasted in-house before being ground into peanut butter.

Later, as you relax in the evening with perhaps a glass of wine or mixed drink, he can “imbibe” right along with you with his very own “Yappy Hour,” a collection of doggie treats that includes a Margarita (dubbed “Margaritaville”) with “lemon wedge and sprinkles that give the impression of salt”, a Martini with its very own “olive and toothpick” made with frosting of course, and a glass of Champagne complete with bubbles (sprinkles). All of the treats are made with chicken and are all homemade, all natural, and preservative free.

Conceived in 2004, the barkery’s treats are unique in that they come in so many fun and different shapes and flavors, they definitely have something for every doggie’s desire. The company’s fine products are sold throughout coast to coast. They can be found in a variety of retail establishments including grocery stores, convenience marts, coffee houses, and even book stores, beachwear stores and garden centers.

“Freshness is the name of the day here at Give A Doggy A Bone” says qwner, Melissa Gruenhagen, a former teacher and librarian. She adds “When I am stocking my displayers, customers often come to me asking if I’m the business owner and then telling me how much their dog absolutely loves my treats and wants no others! They want to know if they can get them in their area so I am really trying to expand my presence to satisfy customer demand.”

“I make it my highest priority to make a quality, delicious product and use only the freshest ingredients available. In addition, all of my treats that are meat based are actually made with real meat in them! I know of no other dog treat company that does what I do. My insistence on quality extends also to my packaging. My customers get the clearest view of my fun and healthy product since I package them in ultra, crystal clear polypropolyne bags. In addition, they are re-sealable, for added convenience.

You can view the website at where you can find over 100 varieties of homemade all natural, gourmet dog treats. Click on the tab “Media and News” to view the company on the cover of Futurepreneurs magazine, on television on Fox 19 Morning News, as well as the front page of the business section in the Cincinnati Enquirer, and articles in the Hamilton Journal-News, as well as in a children’s book. There, you can also watch videos of Melissa’s television interviews.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Melissa, please call her at 513.887.0292 or email her at
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Melissa Gruenhagen