International Women’s Day for International Women: Migration Stories

To mark International Women's day, Worldbytes has filmed the migration stories of three "international women." Their lively accounts remind us that freedom of movement across the world is an ideal to be aimed for.

London, United Kingdom, March 08, 2013 --( To mark international women’s day this Friday 8th March, WORLDbytes, the online citizen TV station, has launched a series of short stories which bring migration to life and present freedom of movement as a common sense goal.

Each of the programmes features an inspiring woman and interweaves family albums and illuminating historical background with a positive personal tale. Rania Hafez from Beirut, once the ‘Paris of the East’ now lives in South London, she tells us she used get on planes as others might use taxis. Tiba Powell was forced to leave Eritrea as an asylum seeker, now living in Brixton with kids in tow, she says her only experience of racism was from the home office and the British public deserve greater credit for being so welcoming. Vivita Sequeira is from India via Kuwait and wonders why the British who have more freedom to travel than most, tend to stay put.

“We hope these programmes reflect an internationalism worth rekindling. This means lining up with people across the world in common cause regardless of the diktats of our own state. Today this should include freedom to meet each other, live, work, love or study wherever we choose to,” says Director Ceri Dingle.

To compliment these engaging shorts WORLDbytes volunteers have produced a candid Q&A style programme entitled Views on the News: Immigration which raises and answers many thoughtful questions including: Is there a generational divide on attitudes to immigration? What about polls which suggest a majority favour more border controls? Together this line-up provides insights and discussion points for today, reminding us that border controls still represent a system of classification that denies us the freedom to travel across the world and realise our potential.

As reflected in the title of the charity’s acclaimed documentary on the life of another inspiring woman and heroine, Sylvia Pankhurst , WORLDwrite and its citizen TV station WORLDbytes believe everything is possible and that includes open borders.

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The film Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is possible is available here

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Notes to editors:
WORLDbytes is a unique online Citizen TV station featuring reports and programmes created by young volunteers learning to shoot 'on the job'. Its programmes aim to get behind the headlines and promote a people-first perspective on a wide range of issues. The station’s credo is "don't shout at the telly, change the message on it".

WORLDbytes is run by the education charity WORLDwrite, registered charity number 1060869. The charity champions quality citizen reporting and provides free film training to make this possible.

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