Experimental Author Debuts Bold New Short Story Collection

Florida author tries her hand at literary fiction with her new novel.

Orlando, FL, March 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Florida romance author, Wendy Tardieu hangs up the bodice in her new collection of short stories. “The Ruined Grove” is her literary debut, full of crisp description, edgy characters and often mystical situations. Though Tardieu hasn’t abandoned the romance genre, “literary fiction has always been the force that presses a writer to expose the human condition,” she says. With stories that explore isolation, the solemn responsibility of family, marriage and friendship, “The Ruined Grove” often reads like a Twilight Zone episode, its characters always at the mercy of an unseen supernatural authority that forces them to examine their steadfast convictions.

From a mysterious beach side honeymoon suite to an ominous winter back road through the mountains, each story provides a new setting and an equally interesting conflict. When asked how she justifies switching genres, Tardieu says, “Writers and readers alike are doing themselves a disservice by allowing themselves to guided by a genre. But, aside from that, I’m not famous, so I have more freedom.”

“The Ruined Grove” is Tardieu’s third novel.
Wendy Stiles-Tardieu
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