Savox Communications Announces New "Push to Talk Over Cellular" Accessories for Mobile Phones

Savox Communications enhances its range of professional communication solutions with the launch of the Savox "Promate" range of communication accessories, specifically developed for the emerging "Push To Talk Over Cellular" market.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, March 09, 2013 --( Traditionally, professional users such as security, warehouse and transport companies have used two way radios for their operational communications. With the convergence of two way radio and mobile phone technologies, more and more mobile operators are offering a Push to Talk (PTT) Over Cellular (PoC) facility within their mobile service proposition.

PoC offers many advantages of the two way radio with the convenience, economy and simplicity of utilizing one mobile phone device. However, for professional users, using the phone can be awkward when doing other tasks, (such as driving, operating machinery and fork lift trucks, cranes, warehousing etc). Savox manufactures accessories that allow the phone to be securely positioned under clothing and communication via the phone can be made more safe and efficient. Savox is using its history of providing wireless two way radio accessories, to this emerging market. The first two new "Promate" products from Savox include a lightweight, robust PTT Bluetooth headset and a Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone.

The Savox "Promate" BTH-101 Bluetooth Headset is a robust and lightweight wireless Bluetooth unit, which mounts around the ear and is comfortable to be worn over long periods, (typically more than eight hours). The unit includes Push To Talk and phone function buttons which are designed to be used with gloves.

The Savox "Promate" BTR-155 Remote Speaker Microphone Unit is connected via Bluetooth to the user’s mobile phone and provides a remote Push to Talk and Remote Speaker Microphone functionality. The unit is normally secured to the users clothing, typically on the chest, which means there is no need to repeatedly reach for the phone itself to operate it, especially useful in situations where the hands are being used primarily for other tasks. The unit is designed to be used with protective gloves used by many in industry.

One of the main benefits of both new products is the durability which they provide. Being rugged and robust for use in the most extreme situations, they are approved to the IP55 standard, which means they are both dust and rain proof.

The new products have also endured the new extensive Savox Advanced Field Acceptance environmental tests and are amongst the only products on the market today to meet such demanding testing.

The new products are rugged, lightweight and ideal for use by professional users in industries such as commercial drivers, crane, machinery and fork lift truck operators, building, construction, maintenance and public utility workers and warehousing, logistics and distribution teams.

Mikael Westerlund, Chief Strategy Officer of Savox Communications adds, "Savox already has a more than 30years history of providing wireless accessories for two way radio users. With the convergence of the professional radio and the mobile phone, Savox is ideally positioned to use its expertise in this market to provide more comfortable, robust communications accessories to the professional user."
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