Person to Person User-Friendly Enterprise File Transfer; Secure and Simple with Primeur’s New Dropfile

London, United Kingdom, March 09, 2013 --( Fast and easy to use DropFile is a new secure enterprise-wide person centric file transfer solution, created by leading MFT provider Primuer. Specifically designed for end users, it combines an individual’s requirements to share files of any size quickly across any device, with compliance to corporate IT security policies.

Reduced impact on IT
DropFile is easy for end users to use with no client software to install or configure, thus also reducing the impact on IT management, support, and data storage costs. Yet, as it is based on Primeur’s core software Spazio MFT/S managed file transfer solution, DropFile is a robust, scalable, highly-secure and fully auditable enterprise file transfer solution. Easily interfaced to a corporate DLP solution it also provides visibility to see who downloaded which files and when, giving both a comprehensive centralized view and complete traceability.

Through an easy to use web interface DropFile allows end users to send files of any size quickly and easily using a link. This can be distributed to any number of different email recipients. Users can transfer any size of file online, with the knowledge that they are sending files securely and in accordance with corporate policy.

Device independent enterprise file transfer
DropFile is also device independent, so not only can it be used on PC’s, but also on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices - the ideal enterprise online file transfer solution for people on the move.

Growing restrictions on enterprise file transfer through email often drives end users to transfer data into and from the company in ways that more often than not don’t comply with corporate data loss prevention and security policies. USB sticks can get lost or stolen and put sensitive data at risk. DropFile is the new person centric enterprise online file transfer solution that gives users confidence that their files are safe, secure and easily manageable and doesn’t put the data or network at risk.

For more information on Primuer DropFile, the new person centric user-friendly enterprise online file transfer solution, please contact John Bancroft on 0845 331 6069 or at
John Bancroft
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