40,000 Speed Cameras in Your Android Phone for Free

FoxyTag's Scamera Hunter is a new and totally free speed camera warner on Android.

London, United Kingdom, March 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Nearly a quarter of drivers in Britain have been penalised for speeding in the past four years with 6,500+ speed cameras on UK roads. The number of motorists caught speeding is set to rise as enforcement cameras make a comeback across the UK.

Scamera Hunter is a new and totally free speed camera warner on Android. Its purpose is to help drivers save money by warning them about the speed cameras that are in front of them. Not only does this application warn users when approaching speed cameras but also mobile speed cameras, average speed cameras, traffic light cameras and ghosts (places where there are often mobile speed cameras). The most important point is that this application can be used abroad as it has an offline mode. If you have no network coverage the application will automatically switch to offline so that the user can use it without using a foreign country’s 3G network (which can be very expensive). When driving in an average speed section the application will tell the user if his average is too high or not. Thanks to the new FoxyTag Android API the application uses the FoxyTag database which contains information on more than 40,000 speed cameras worldwide. This free application allows users to tag any kind of camera and add them to the database so that other users can be warned.

The system relies on a trust engine so if the user participates by confirming existing cameras, he will create a trust link with other users and benefit from more reliable information. FoxyTag’s collaborative model makes it the most complete and up-to-date speed camera database in the world. FoxyTag motivates neither speeding nor any other risky behaviour, but allows the driver to concentrate on the road and not on his speedometer for fear of being flashed.

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Michel Deriaz