Lotus Global Inc. Has Joined the March Madness Craze

Lotus Global Inc. has announced their company March Madness brackets competition for 2013.

Woburn, MA, March 11, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Lotus Global Inc. stands by the famous quote, “Love what you do and you will never have to work a day in your life.” As a leading sales and marketing company in Woburn, MA it is no surprise that LGI employees love to have some friendly competition in the workplace.

LGI has organized their own March Madness bracket for all of its sales representatives to compete. Week by week, contestants go head to head and compete among co-workers based on sales numbers. Just like the NCAA March Madness brackets the winner will advance while the opponent will be forced to drop out of the competition. A total of four weeks, there will be a prize for the weekly winner but the competition will end with two sales representatives facing off for a grand prize that has yet to be disclosed.

According to Manager Ryan Navas, “LGI’s March Madness bracket for 2013 is designed to drive production while promoting fun competition in the work place. The office as a whole is really into sports so any time that we can combine the two it’s a great time!”

About LGI

LGI is a sales and marketing company dedicated to providing immediate and exceptional results for our clients. Since 2007, LGI has been committed to discovering effective solutions for companies that are looking to increase sales and market growth, as well as provide numerous opportunities for career development to its employees. LGI consists of a friendly, professional and thorough sales force designed to bridge the gap between large companies and their customers that other marketing channels cannot effectively reach.

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