Advanced Player vs. Player Comes to Pathfinder RPG

Nanuet, NY, March 11, 2013 --( Advanced player vs. player mechanics come to the leader in table-top Roleplaying. Conflict Games has released for pre-order the Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams rulebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game© and d20 fantasy games. This RPG supplement provides the framework that allows table-top team vs. team or player vs. player competitions that are playable, fair, and fun.

Conflict PvP integrates directly into the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game©, which means current players can step right into deadly competitions with their existing characters or one of the 30 pre-optimized characters the book provides.

In the table-top RPG industry, a 258 page, full-color, lavishly illustrated, hardbound book like Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams will retail for upwards of $40.00. However, the owner, Mark M. Scott, has decided that pre-orders made directly through his website ( will be listed for only $19.99.

Conflict PvP is chock full of light-weight rules like the Battlepoint system, which allows players to measure their crazy character builds. Each match is assigned a maximum number of points. Participating characters' total values must be under the match maximum in order to be part of the match. This simple structure keeps combat fair and consistent.

By adding easy-to-use coordinates to official battlemaps, and providing double-sided passcards, the game designers of Conflict PvP have finally cracked the age-old problem of hidden movement in tabletop RPG games. This means opposing players will be unaware of each others' movements when using stealth or magical effects like invisibility. In these cases, the players' miniatures are actually removed from the battlemap. Their characters' map’s coordinates are shared through a passcard until a revealing attack is made; making surprise sneak attacks truly a surprise.

Like conventional Pathfinder campaigns, Conflict PvP uses a game master to run the matches smoothly, handle meta-gaming, and ensure everyone is having a good time. Conflict PvP has dedicated chapters to the art of GMing, where any game master can find great nuggets on improving their craft. Moreover, the Conflict PvP: Tactics and Teams rulebook offers up many ways to sprinkle player vs. player competitions into existing campaigns. Several well-organized lists of plot hooks, magic items, artifacts, rule adjustments and dos and don’ts are added in, which means not only can GMs shake their campaigns up with PvP, but they also have another great resource for their traditional campaigns.

The book is set to release in the end of April 2013. For the first 500 books sold through, two full-color 24” by 36” Battlemaps are included with the Conflict PvP, Tactics and Teams rulebook for free.

“This is a really strong product… it is so impressive…” – Ryan Costello Jr, Know Direction Podcast Video:

Founded in MAY 2008, Conflict Games LLC is a New York based company dedicated to bring a competitive edge to table-top roleplaying games. Conflict Games produces roleplaying game supplements, battle maps and game accessories and has slowly gained a reputation for quality and innovation.
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