Meza Dental Promotes Howard Siegler to Director of Marketing

Meza Dental, a leading Cosmetic Dental clinic in Costa Rica which serves the growing North American dental tourism market, named Howard Siegler as their Director of Marketing.

San Jose, Costa Rica, March 11, 2013 --( Meza Dental, a leading Cosmetic Dental clinic in Costa Rica which serves the growing North American dental tourism market, named Howard Siegler as their Director of Marketing. Siegler, a Johns Hopkins M.B.A., veteran dental tourist and recognized expert in the field said, “I have enjoyed serving with Meza Dental in the capacity of General Manager of Patient Relations for the past 6 months, and look forward to the exciting challenges my new position presents. Meza Dental set the bar for dental tourism over the past decade, now we are going to pick up the pace and take exceptionalism to the next level!”

Dr. Alberto Meza, the Director of Meza Dental, is a famed-pioneer in dental tourism, and has been treating dental tourists in Costa Rica for more than fifteen years. More than 95% of his patients come from North America, and he has built a solid business and developed a significant brand image. Siegler said, “Dr. Meza has done a remarkable job marketing his talent and demonstrating his results throughout the years, but now he would like to take things to even a higher level.” Fortunately, marketing Dr. Meza will be a pretty easy job from my perspective. He is great! He is smart, talented, good hearted, has an incredible temperament and chair-side manner, and he knows style. As far as dentists go, it will be like marketing a cross between a Mercedes Benz and a Ferrari!

“He has some of the best credentials in the business, and he remains passionate about the work he does. More importantly, he delivers the results his discriminating patients seek. After working at a high volume dental clinic where patients were seen as little more than numbers on a balance sheet, it has been refreshing to work alongside Dr. Meza. He is a highly competent and talented cosmetic dentist and implantologist who care about the patients he serves and the treatment he provides. It shows in his work, and it shows on the smiles of our patients. Dr. Marin is the cut from similar cloth. She has the same top-notch training, follows the same protocols, and delivers comparable results. So now that I understand the inner-workings of the clinic, I can leverage my capabilities to further spread the word about Meza Dental.”

Siegler continues, “Our target market is well defined. We serve all patients who have cosmetic dental needs, but our focus is on people who seek full mouth restorations and those who want the best that money can buy in terms of dental care. We pretty much have this segment of the market to ourselves in Costa Rica as no others have the education, credentials and experience of Dr. Meza and his team of specialists. We remain a small practice in a small country, but we deliver big results! Those 'in the know' know when it’s time to restore or rejuvenate a smile, there’s only one place to go, and that is Meza Dental. Sure, our patients can receive comparable care in the U.S., but they may need to sell their own Mercedes Benz or Ferrari to afford that!

“Alternatively, patients can opt to jump on a plane, get incredible dental care in Costa Rica, save a lot of money, and if time permits spend some quality time exploring one of the most beautiful countries on the planet! And the best news is regular folks can obtain the same care as the rich and famous in Costa Rica. Siegler wrapped up the interview saying “We do not discriminate; we want regular people to have access to first class smiles too, so please let us know if you know someone who could use a Meza smile!”

About Meza Dental:
Meza Dental is a premiere Cosmetic Dental clinic located in Costa Rica. They boast several UCLA trained cosmetic dentists, have treated thousands of dental tourists, and successfully placed thousand of dental implants. They also maintain a Johns Hopkins graduate on-site to assist our patients with anything they may need. Dr. Meza has the highest accreditation from the America Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD) in Costa Rica, and has been in practice treating dental tourists from North America for more than fifteen years.
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