Granite Slabs Supplier Granite Imports, Inc. Introduces Stain Proof™ by Dry-Treat to Product Offering

Denver, CO, March 13, 2013 --( Leading granite slabs supplier Granite Imports, Inc. has announced that they are now a distributor for Stain Proof™ sealers, manufactured by Dry-Treat. Stain Proof™ stands out as one of the premier impregnating sealers for any porous building material, providing protection from environmental elements, chemicals, and graffiti.

One of the reasons that so many contractors are utilizing Stain Proof™ on finished surfaces such as granite slabs, limestone, clay, sandstone, slate and brick is that the product works to help retain the natural color and finish of the material’s surface, while simultaneously protecting it from the effects of staining. Staining can occur as a result of contact with water or oil-based substances and Stain Proof™ has been proven to be one of the leading market products to help protect against this common building issue and preserve the natural aesthetics of stone materials.

The advantage for contractors in working with Stain Proof™ is that the product does not require the use of special cleaning accessories and makes the surface area exceptionally easy to clean. In fact, the product can even stand up to power washing and the strength of commercial scrubbing machines. Offered with a 15 year warranty, contractors can trust the long-lasting effects of the expert-manufactured Stain Proof™ now offered by Granite Imports, Inc.

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Erin Jimenez