AudioAlly Believes It Has the Recipe to Help Keep Music Discovery Relevant with a New App

Music Promotion & Sharing Become Fun in CLOUD by AudioAlly

San Antonio, TX, March 14, 2013 --( When was the last time you “created” a game for a friend? Many music related games have gotten old, intrusive, or overly complicated to stay relevant or useful as a quick way to burn time. A company will pick music they think you like or know, without ever knowing you. What if the very people that knew you could pick? AudioAlly, a startup located in San Antonio, TX, believes that its game, aptly named “CLOUD by AudioAlly”, does just that (

“CLOUD by AudioAlly, to me, is a quick and fun way to discover some new music, relive some older jams, and share with friends,” said Xavier Goring, founder of AudioAlly. “I guess you could say it’s a game I created for myself and others like me. I’ve always been one to try and expose others to the various types of music I like whether underground or mainstream.”

When asked if CLOUD by AudioAlly brought anything new to the table, Goring stated, “I see it not only as fun, but a great promotional tool for labels, artists, and even radio stations. Many unsigned artists that go unnoticed by traditional music trivia apps are finding their way into massive catalogs, such as the one used by CLOUD by AudioAlly. This fun tool lets those artists be heard from within a game, increase sales, and be distributed to future fans.”

CLOUD by AudioAlly is a new addition to the App Store with plans to expand into other markets. Its ability to enable a user to link people and music make it a great contender to current music oriented apps. Goring believes the music industry is due for some changes to help it once again thrive. If nothing else, he feels CLOUD by AudioAlly is a small contribution among many he has planned.

AudioAlly, is a company on the forefront of a changing music ecosystem. From humble beginnings as a one man startup, AudioAlly would seem to be a company to keep an eye on.

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Xavier Goring