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The auto- facts website is up and running with one hundred pages of valuable automotive and auto repair information.

Bradenton, FL, August 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Informative website compiled by Mark Gittleman ASE Certified Master Technician. Mark has more than 24 years experience in the auto repair an auto service industry. His new website is educational, yet entertaining to anybody who is interested in cars or trucks.

You will find many do-it-yourself auto repair articles that will help you achieve professional results at home. Some of the areas that are covered on the DIY auto repair section are as follows. Lots of good information about check engine light repairs, common codes, common malfunctions and the best way to approach the extinguishing of the check engine light. You will also find reviews of do-it-yourself automotive scan tools that mark himself owns and uses daily. This website makes it possible to diagnose your own check engine light problems without the assistance of expensive auto repair shops.

Also included in the DIY auto repair section are answers to popular car questions and auto repair advice for common problems with cars. This website also connects you to vendors that can provide additional assistance that will take your at-home auto repair to the next level.

The auto facts and car questions website also provides entertainment in the form of everybody's favorite subject, fast cars. You will find articles about the latest super cars. This includes pictures and performance data pertaining to vehicles that are in the 200 mph club. You will also find entertaining videos of real hot cars in action. So stop by and visit the auto facts website and be educated and entertained at the same time.

Mark Gittelman