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Pompano Beach, FL, March 14, 2013 --( This week's Top 10 homes spotlight at includes a look at Zsa Zsa Gabor's Bel Air home that finally sold after two years on the market. Built in 1955 and designed by Howard Hughes, Zsa Zsa purchased the house in 1974 while she was between husbands four and five. Elvis Presley owned it for a while, and Queen Elizabeth and U.S. presidents have dined and been entertained here. Today, it’s a film star in its own right, having appeared in the Oscar winning film, "Argo." Coming up is another star role for the house in an HBO film about "Liberace, Behind the Candelabra." Asking price was originally $28 million, later reduced to $14.9 million. Sale price not yet disclosed.

In other home news:

Chances are that when you’re adding green food coloring to your beer for the big St. Patrick’s Day bash this weekend, it will be an Anheuser-Busch product. The company operates 13 breweries and has been the largest brewer in the United States since 1957. In 1938, Adolphus Busch III built his 12,533 square foot Manga Reva estate on the Ft. Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway. Designed by Addison Mizner protege Francis Abreu, it has 6 bedrooms, 11 baths, a 2 bedroom guest house, 60’ lap pool, 130’ dock and 525’ of waterfront. The house even had a bit part in the 1960 film "Where the Boys Are" that launched the spring break party for generations of college students. Now for sale at $15 million.

A Georgetown coach house where Abe Lincoln’s oldest son, Robert Todd, lived for many years recently sold for $7.6 million. The historic home has had only five owners since it was built in 1799 by wealthy tobacco warehouse owner John Laird. In 1873, Laird sold it to Chief Justice of the D.C. Circuit Court, James Dunlop, who was a law partner of Francis Scott Key. In 1915, Dunlop sold the house to Abe Lincoln’s oldest son, Robert Todd, who lived there until 1936, when he sold it to Mrs. Helen Burgess, the granddaughter of J.P. Morgan. The original main home was split off from the coach house and is currently owned by Ben Bradlee, former editor of the Washington Post.

Also, Dick Clark's rock house with views of the Pacific, the Boney Mountains, Serrano Valley and the lights of Malibu was recently reduced from $3,500,000 to $3,250,000. And Bugsy Siegel's place, where an FBI raiding party came looking for Siegel in 1940 to arrest him for the murder of fellow mobster Harry Greenberg, was for sale at $49.5 million. It just sold for $19.5 million.

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