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Edmonds, WA, March 15, 2013 --( According to the latest updates, Ship Locator has now started services for buying and selling of Yachts and Passenger vessels. Earlier, the website was targeted to provide services to the maritime industry and help businesses dealing with the same.

Gene Horton, the website owner with vast experience in the maritime industry said that he will be going through some changes on the website to introduce services for selling of luxury ships. The website is now up with new listings featuring expedition yachts, mega yachts, sailing and commercial yachts. The website has invited ship sellers and brokers to showcase their listings on the site and help to simplify the deals for buyers.

However, Ship Locator is still targeted towards assisting both the sellers and professional brokers, he says. A website for selling of ships cannot serve with just one time effort, but requires constant updates to meet the current demands in market. A company has to build reputation with experience and goodwill.

This has been the reason that Gene Horton utilizes his complete experience of this field for maintaining a better position in the market. He has provided provisions for other businesses which affect the industry. Gene aims to cover the whole maritime industry and the announcement to provide yachts and ships for sale will be a step ahead in this venture.
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