TechYou Digital Media Releases Arbitrator Pro for PC

Arbitrator Pro allows end-users to control PDF documents through coding in a Flash Movie, or control the Flash Movie from the PDF.

Kelowna, Canada, August 08, 2007 --( Tech You Digital Media today announced the release of Arbitrator Pro, a new software product that gives PC users of Adobe Acrobat™ the full capabilities of Flash and provides the embedded Flash Movies the full power of PDF documents.

Arbitrator Pro allows end-users to control PDF documents through coding in a Flash Movie, or control the Flash Movie from the PDF.

"By bringing together the world of PDF and Flash through Arbitrated scripting the real promise of electronic publishing finally emerges," says Arbitrator Pro developer and architect, Craig Bowman. "With Arbitrator Pro you can make ‘Living Manuals and Curriculum’ as well as web pages which can search each other, update their pages from a remote database, access live streaming information which is connected to the page content and have it also control where and what you see in the document."

Arbitrator Pro does not create PDF documents or Flash movies, but allows these two applications to communicate flawlessly. “Think of it as two people speaking different languages,” explains Bowman. “Arbitrator Pro is the interpreter that allows PDF and Flash to talk to and understand each other.”

The ability to create Living Manuals through Arbitrator Pro opens up a new world of electronic publishing. Brochures, catalogues, instruction manuals, educational materials can now have Flash movies embedded into the PDF with end user controls. These Flash movies can be advertisements, set-by-step-instructions, demonstrations, product overviews etc. Since Arbitrator Pro can access remote data bases, the end user will always have the latest, most up-to-date version of that document, catalogue or manual, saving time and money on publishing and distribution.

The convergence of Flash as a media tool is gaining prominence in digital media and initial reaction to Arbitrator Pro beta testing has been positive: "Wow. Craig, you are a genius," states Michael Geary, formerly of Adobe Systems Inc. “The sheer level of ingenuity you've shown here is just astounding”.

Browserless Web Pages:

Arbitrator Pro also allows developers to create dynamic web content in the PDF format, essentially creating a browserless web site. No coding or html scripting is required. Pages accessed via the internet or email links are automatically opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader™. These pages can be linked, featuring full functioning flash navigation and content. Access to remote data-base content thru Arbitrator Pro will always keep the site current and up-to-date. The web pages have full search capabilities along with the full security that PDF documents offer. Unlike traditional web pages, Arbitrator Pro PDF web pages are fully scaleable and can be resized without the content and page layout being affected.

Features of Arbitrator Pro:

o Control any SWF Movie in an Acrobat 8 PDF Document.
o Control any Acrobat 8 PDF document from an embedded SWF Movie.
o Full access from ActionScript from Acrobat.
o Full access to Acrobat scripting from ActionScript.
o Rendition management.
o Remote ActionScript object creation & control from PDF.
o Loading of local and remote SWF movies.
o Control across multiple PDF pages.
o Built in Arbitrator templates.
o Rich media documentation.

Arbitrator Pro is designed to work seamlessly with PC versions of Adobe Creative Suite® 3.

Experienced Flash Designers and PDF Developers can easily use the Arbitrator Pro language to create a wide range of documents. Arbitrator Pro features a number of templates with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, allowing novice users the ability to use their existing PDF and Flash files to create their own dynamic, Living Documents. To view the power of Arbitrator Pro, test the examples at

Arbitrator Pro is available for download from for $129 USD.

About Tech You Digital Media:

Tech You Digital Media (a P226 Enterprises Ltd. Company) is a multi-dimensional technology company located in Kelowna, BC Canada. Focused on the design, distribution, creation and education of digital media, TechYou's software division develops extensions and tools for Flash Designers and Developers. TechYou Digital Media plans to release the Wrangler Suite of Flash Tools over the next few months. For more information, go to



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