Inside Look Into the E-Books Marketplace Offered in Karol Media Fulfillment Interview

Wilkes Barre, PA, March 16, 2013 --( Writers and e-commerce publishing entrepreneurs in search of digital fortune can find the E-Books marketplace a complicated landscape. To better inform e-commerce entrepreneurs and writers, the fulfillment company, Karol Media, engaged Kallisti Publishing with an e-news blog interview that reveals a publisher’s inside look into the E-Books marketplace.

The E-Books interview with Kallisti owner, Tony Michalski, available for reposting upon request, can be found at the Karol Media fulfillment website.

Kallisti Publishing is the creator of motivational, instructional, and personal development products that improve peoples’ lives (

Karol provides storage, packaging, distribution fulfillment business solutions to e-commerce, other business, non-profits, and associations for over 36 years (

Excerpted from the E-Books story: “{Kallisti} began selling e-books fairly early in the game. We would convert the books we published into the Adobe PDF format and sell them as downloads. We still do this to this day. As time and technology changed, we moved into the new formats, epub (for the Apple iPad/iPhone and Nook and Kobo) and mobi (for the Kindle). These sellers and their devices are what really changed publishing and not necessarily the e-book format.

“… As Karol is well aware in their publishing and fulfillment work, in the past, a publisher would publish a book, sell it through a bookstore or directly to the customer, and that was it. Now, a publisher MUST go through a middleman. And an e-books success or failure in some ways depends on the e-reader's popularity. Thus we get into the situation - and may very well see more in the future — that some publishers had regarding price setting. What should an e-book cost? Who should determine that? In the past, it was easy to determine. Now … It's somewhat strange…”

Karol Media, Inc., Wilkes Barre, PA, began managing 16mm film distribution for the likes of National Geographic in the 1970’s. February marked Karol Media’s 37th anniversary year. Karol is a cost-competitive storage, packaging, distribution fulfillment business solution in the Northeast, NY, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts to e-commerce, other business, non-profits, and associations.
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