Bobby DoTube Announces YouTube Video Promotion Services for Local Business

New York, NY, March 16, 2013 --( Bobby DoTube launched a new site titled "Video Promotion" which can be found at He intends to use the new site to promote his YouTube Video Promotion and New Social Media Ambassador Promotion Services to help local New York City small businesses.

Bobby DoTube was asked why he wanted to assist local NYC businesses he said, "Today more than ever, local businesses need help. Google loves video and I love creating YouTube videos. The creative process is exciting. There is no question about my skills. Collaborating with my partners at Hire It Out Services for search engine optimization services I know that a local business is going to show up in the first page results listings for both YouTube and Google and get found online. I found a team dedicated to online marketing. Von Doane is gifted in creating highly effective marketing campaigns. She has an uncanny ability to be able to get first page Google results for our clients.

"I can wake up in the morning feeling good about my partnering with Hire It Out Services, our online implemented strategies and our online success results - that have helped new businesses build a customer base, bring new customers to a floundering business or enhance and make a growing business results listing better. Everything we do is aimed at creating positive outcomes for the local business owners and communities we serve. We continue to find ways to enhance the effectiveness of our efforts.

"All of the businesses I’ve worked with have had great products and services to offer, but few had leveraged technology to grow their customer base. It’s exciting to help them develop and grow their business with video marketing and video promotion that gives them a competitive edge.”

Bobby DoTube spoke about the new site and its purpose, "I am energized by the dynamic changes currently taking place in Staten Island, the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn and other areas of NYC. I wanted to put up a site for branding and to be able to connect with more business owners who are interested in what we do (video production, video marketing, web video promotion and social media promotion services) to connect with us or for business owners who don't know what we do but need someone to help promote the video they already have on YouTube to know this service is available.

"The services offered are for small businesses. We primarily help small or medium size businesses or individuals increase their online exposure, by offering cutting edge Internet Marketing and Video Marketing solutions at very affordable rates. What is being offered is not for every business owner. It's not for people who are unconscionable cheap, who aren't willing to set an advertising budget or invest in online marketing for their business or pay for outsourced services."

Just recently Yoseph Zarfati from Cougar Italian Men's Fashion located at 96th Orchard Street New York’s famous Orchard Street in the lower east side of Manhattan gave Bobby DoTube a great video testimonial which was used to help launch promotions for 2013. Von Doane is CEO of Hire It Out Services gives Bobby DoTube the highest accolades and admits that Bobby DoTube is the most innovative video producer that is always way ahead of the YouTube video curve.

About Von Doane: Von Doane is an internet marketing and social media consultant that enjoys making a living on the web through seo, traffic optimization, reputation management, and video marketing. Von can be found blogging and ranking her clients on the search engine for local marketing, search engine optimization, Hire It Out Services is based in Brooklyn, New York. The online marketing company is focus on helping local businesss with virtual offices anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available for online marketing and video promotion services.

Von Doane can be reached at 347-404-6807.
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