Summer Price Announcement. AVnex Plans for Fun Summer with Voice Changer Software

Today AVnex announced a Summer Price Campaign for its Voice Changer Software with the hope of creating a fun, affordable summer trend for its customers.

Nicosia, Cyprus, August 09, 2007 --( The summer price is for AV Voice Changer Software 6.0, the latest edition of the Voice Changer Software line, which was released in July. “Firstly, the price starts at $40, which translates to 60% off the list price, then the discount decreases steadily until it returns to the standard retail price,” said Tracy Norman, Brand Manager of Voice Changer Software line. “The new release of our software has been well received by consumers; however, we would like to be able to offer it to everyone who might have a keen interest in this kind of product. Strong sales indicate the software is affordable for most users, many of whom use this productivity tool for professional activities, such as making voiceovers or for voice dubbing in audio and video production. The software can also work well with VoIP software and voice chat applications. One important company goal is to help customers to have more fun from these online services.” “All the things we have done so far to enhance our products were done for the purpose of increasing the benefit to and value of our customers' experience with our software,” Tracy explained.

In mid summer, AVnex introduced a new trend for customers to help them to enjoy the holiday. This enhancement enables customers to discover previously uncharted voice vistas by applying a new voice chatting tool designed to help them have fun with their friends. “If we have a chance to change any characteristic of ourselves, we then have the chance to make a new impression,” explained Tracy. Using this unique software, customers can change their voices into myriad voices of the opposite gender, and even with respect to age. “I believe many people find appealing having their curiosity revealed when they recognize someone they have known through their speaking voice who has changed their voice using our software” Tracy said enthusiastically.

The software has ample functions to support this fun trend. With a bunch of built-in features such as Nickvoices, Parody Voice Maker, Voice Equalizer and Background Effects, it can help customers to create a lifelike and vivid chatting environment they control.

More information about AVnex’s Voice Changer Software and the new summer trend with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 6.0 can be found at

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