Fuelfixer Now Offers Mobile Fuel Draining Service for Motorists Who Accidentally Put Wrong Fuel in Their Car

Accidentally putting wrong fuel in car is a pain. People can get stuck in the middle of nowhere because of this fuel mixup. Good thing mobile mechanics like Fuelfixer can resolve this and get to the motorist location in 30 minutes.

East Grinstead, United Kingdom, March 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Getting the wrong fuel in the car is tragic. It would cost quite a bit and the car will be towed and get stuck in a garage for several days and sometimes even weeks. But this was before companies like Fuelfixer came into service. These mobile mechanics specializes in draining the fuel mixup and putting in correct fuel types in cars without damaging the engine.

Petrol in diesel car is no longer a big problem. Motorists can immediately call 08000159564 (yes it's a toll-free number) and get help within 30 minutes (average response time) any time of the day (24/7 service) wherever they are. The responding mechanics will go to the location, effectively drain the tank and put in fresh fuel.

If additional gas is needed, motorists can purchase more from the rescuing vehicle at fuel pump prices so they don't have to stop at a nearby gas pump and can go directly where they're going.

Gone are the days when stranded motorists have to contact towing services or their mobile mechanics to have their car diagnosed, eventually towed and repaired in a garage. They don't have to live without their car for several days or weeks while waiting for it to be fully diagnosed and repaired. No need to cancel appointments, let loved ones get worried and waste the entire day with just an honest mistake.

Calling specialty companies like Fuelfixer whenever getting on this position will give the advantage of having the car running in no time at a fraction of the price. They can be on their merry way afterwards like nothing happened. The days of instant service is here, even with something like this. So remember the number, Fuelfixer at 08000159564 or 03450739671 (both numbers are free). Visit their website for additional info and testimonials.
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