Slimm Buick to Host Art Bike Decorating Station and More During 3-Day Show at Oakland Museum of California

Every patron will have chance to meet artist, submit questions, have a photo taken with him, get an autograph and/or and make suggestions for his next Art Bike. They have just added an Art Bike Station for attendees to decorate their own bicycles that day as well (free). The we/customze exhibit entry fee is included with regular admission Saturday. Fri. is Oakland Art Murmur when we/customize exhibit is free. Sunday is Museum's free admission to entire facility, all day. Full admission applies

Oakland, CA, March 18, 2013 --( San Francisco Bay Area Artist, Slimm Buick, will be appearing live at the we/customize show on Friday, Apr. 5 from 5-8pm, Saturday Apr. 6 from 1-4pm and Sunday Apr. 7 from 1-4pm. Friday is part of the Oakland Art Murmur, which attracts thousands each month, and Sunday is the Museum's free admission day, so the crowd could be great, for those attending on those days. Regardless which day one attends, each patron will be given the chance to meet the artist, submit questions and suggestions for his next Art Bike, have a photo taken with him, and/or get an autograph. There will also be an Art Bike Station for attendees to decorate their own bicycles that day (free). The we/customze exhibit entry fee is included with regular admission. (For more information email or call 510-356-5665). Friday will coincide with the popular Art Murmur, which draws upwards of 10,000 art lovers to Oakland the 1st Friday of each month. The Museum is located at 100 Oak Street off Hwy. 880, across from Laney College at 10th Street, near Lake Merritt BART.

During his stay, visitors will have a chance to meet Buick, a folk artist well known for his “Art Bikes” and the leader of the Bicycle Art Salon, a monthly discussion group in Oakland, CA ( He has been creating these rideable works of art for over 25 years. Growing up in San Francisco, it was not uncommon to go without a car, but Buick has taken it much further, having never owned a Drivers License. While he is at the Museum he will be asking visitors to help him name some of his latest creations, several of which have not been shown publicly yet. The “Beer Bike,” one such creation, is in progress now and will need a name.

Buick's art has been featured in movies such as Rent (Sony Pictures) and TV on such shows as Weird Wheels (Discovery Channel). He has been the subject of numerous TV and newspaper interviews, and recently embarked on a documentary project that will focus on Art Bikes and their creators, as they prepare for a parade.

Several of Buick's bicycles look like they could have existed in the Gold Rush Days of the Wild West, especially Rawhide, the cruiser he is probably best known for. He can also be seen riding around Oakland and SF on his Fish Bike, The Buick, a cycle truck, and Little Bad Ars, a bicycle that has a scary baby doll riding on the front fender.

In addition to taking Rawhide on the first Aids ride from SF to LA, Slimm also spent time in the 1980's as a community activist for bicycle lanes in San Francisco, speaking at City Council Meetings on behalf of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. He also participated in the early days of Critical Mass and Burning Man, when it first formed on the beaches of SF.

Slimm has also been collecting, repairing, staging and selling antiques for over 20 years. He now owns a library of over 3,000 vintage vinyl 45rpm records that cover R&B, Blues, Western, Jazz, Rock and numerous other genres of American music, most of which are from the 20th century. During the 1980's he was a popular DJ for well-known Swing bands, such as Royal Crown Review and many others, who played at places like Bimbos, Club Deluxe and Cafe DuNord. He still does so today as well, one a month at the 23 Club in Brisbane, CA. Buick also gives lectures on music, film, art and American History for non profits and private organizations. (For more see

About we/customize: The Oakland Museum of California's we/customize exhibition explores the Bay Area perspective on the popular cultural activities of hacking, re-mixing, tailoring, modding, mash-ups, kit- bashing, and customizing. The project launched in fall 2012 when their customized, electric mobile museum, The Oakland Rover, hit local streets to learn how our community makes objects their own. Museum staff brought the Rover to over 18 local events. These program “missions” featured Customizers leading demonstrations and hands-on activities. From toy hacking to airbrushing, sound remixing and bike modification - Oakland Rover programs led to rich interactions with the public, who contributed their ideas and the projects they made with us. Now that the Oakland Rover is docked in the gallery, we/customize offers an exciting line-up of demonstrations and activities through the Customizer-in-Residence program which includes the Scraper King, Slimm Buick and many others. For more visit

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