Accurate and Easy to Use Missing Parents Tests Are Now Available in the UK from TestDiagnostics

Test diagnostics announces addition of new product in its store Accurate and easy to use Missing Parents Test.

London, United Kingdom, March 19, 2013 --( TestDiagnostics is a leading supplier of health testing kits in the UK, offering a range of highly accurate tests carried out with the utmost in confidentiality and privacy. TestDiagnostics range of DNA tests offer customers the information they need about their DNA from the privacy of their own home.


Test Information

TestDiagnostics offers several different DNA testing kits which can answer different questions about the genetics of the subject; testing male or female lineage, identifying family relationships like paternity, maternity or siblingship, mapping out their worldwide ancestry or simply ensuring that a secure record of their DNA will be permanently stored in a secure location.Testdiagnostics.Com

The male and female lineage tests can provide 100% accurate proof of relation through parental lineage for two users of the same gender by creating a chromosome profile for each subject and then identifying similarities or matches between the two.

A DNA profiling test allows you to keep a record of your own DNA profile. This can be useful in helping to determine family relationships, proving yourself as a rightful heir if an identity mishap were to occur or simply for peace of mind in having accurate DNA records stored securely should you need to access them in the future.

The disease predisposition test offers users the ability to measure their own genetic health risks by assessing genetic predisposition to conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, osteoperosis, obesity and some cancers, amongst others. The results of this test can be of great use to both the subject, and their family in protecting themselves against these diseases and conditions.

The highly sophisticated DNA ancestry tests offers users a fascinating insight into their GeoGenetic heritage, determining where around the world their ancestors came from and supplying the user with a full-colour ancestry map to illustrate this information.


Most tests can be carried out in the comfort of the user’s own home, although some court approved tests will have to be carried out by a neutral third party or medical professional for the sake of impartiality. The tests themselves are easy to perform and are mostly done via a relatively non-invasive mouth swab, apart from the disease predisposition test as described above.

Most test results are available to download via the secure area of the website so the user can access them as soon as possible. Physical copies are also available in some cases.

About Us is a London based company specialising in mail order laboratory tests. The easy to use websites allows customers to order their desired test and have it delivered to either their home or work address. The customer then provides a sample, in most cases either urine or saliva which is then posted back to the lap in a free return envelope. As soon as the test is processed the customer will be informed of their results. The concept is proving to be very popular for people who want to protect their own privacy and want a quick and easy service.

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