Webpilots Moves to New Facilities

Aarhus, Denmark, March 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The Danish webbureau Webpilots has moved to new facilities in the centrum of Aarhus – the clients will be serviced from the new address

Webpilots has increased the number of employees during the last year due to an increase in the amount of clients. And that is one of the reasons behind the decision to move to the new address at Karupvej in Aarhus C the 11th of May. The relocation was simply a necessity.

"We were too many people for the old facilities. We also had a big desire to have a place for our own – a place where we could have full control over the surroundings. We have been looking for the right place for a while, and we are very pleased that we have succeeded in finding facilities that live up to our needs and expectations," explains CEO Kenneth Bo Jensen.

The company has been localized in the entrepreneur environment at Studentervæksthus Aarhus (AU Student Incubator) but that has changed now. The company has rented the 184 m2 facilities that is located in the centrum of Aarhus.

The company was originally started as RunIT – a company that helped entrepreneurs developing it-projects.

Later the company became Webpilots who delivers web services.

Webpilots works with all parts of the design process when designing and creating websites. The company designs both simple and complex websites for companies and they also have a lot of experience working with webshops.

The number of employees has increased with the clients, and Webpilots now has 11 people affiliated. From now on the employees and clients will meet at Karupvej 7 in Aarhus when going to the new facilities.

Kenneth Bo Jensen is sure the new offices are the perfect match.

"The facilities are perfect for us. We are looking forward to serve the clients and business partners from here where they’ll get the full experience of the Webpilots and the spirit of the company," he says.
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Kenneth Bo Jensen, CEO
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