Attention Townhouse Owners—New Energy Regulations May Cost You

Burnsville, MN, March 20, 2013 --( Effective May of 2013, the Department of Energy requires all replacement furnaces in Minnesota must meet minimum efficiency of 90% + AFUE. If you own a townhouse older than 10 years, replacing your Standard furnace with these new furnaces requires PVC venting to an exterior wall of your townhouse. This could require extensive and costly remodeling because of common townhouse walls.

Standard Efficiency Furnaces

How can you know if you have a standardized furnace? Here are a few clues: If you currently have a metal chimney, you probably have a standard efficiency furnace. If your utility room is in the middle of your home with no PVC venting to an outside wall, you have a standard efficiency furnace.

What are Your Options?

Craig Angell, from Angell Aired in Burnsville, Minnesota explained several options. “While upgrading to a higher 90% + AFUE furnace will give you energy savings, the equipment and the remodeling to outside venting will mitigate some of the energy savings. Until May of 2013, you can still purchase a standardized furnace. This could be an upgrade to what you currently have in your townhouse. After May of 2013, you will not have this option.”

If you are a townhouse owner, check out the status of your current furnace. If you need more information about this upcoming change by the Department of Energy, you can contact Craig Angell at Angell Aire, 952-746-5200.
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Al Hanzal
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