Ampush Wins Grand Prize in Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Innovation Competition

Project YOGA, Ampush’s new enterprise marketing platform, earns the top rank in a competition held exclusively for Preferred Marketing Developers.

San Francisco, CA, March 21, 2013 --( Ampush, a Facebook® Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD), won the Grand Prize in Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer Innovation Competition for its submission of Project YOGA (Your Open Graph Applications). While the product is still in alpha-stage development, Ampush saw the competition as an opportunity to validate the concept and looks forward to continuing to drive it towards market in the near future.

The competition was designed to encourage PMDs to develop innovative marketing technology that effectively leverages Facebook’s News Feed. Entry was open to over 260 Preferred Marketing Developers.

Project YOGA enables marketers to easily create and manage dynamic social experiences. The YOGA platform facilitates hyper-personalized consumer engagement and generates authentic “voice-of-user” stories through seamless integration with News Feed and Open Graph. Marketers can leverage YOGA’s analytics and ads integration to amplify stories and drive "Referred Intent,” the idea of channelling the voice and actions of users to achieve marketing objectives.

Project YOGA is an extension of Ampush’s AMP Framework, which is designed to maximize reach and virality through personalized content and amplification of user-generated stories with Facebook Ads appearing on the News Feed. Powered by its Referred Intent amplification technology, Ampush helps enterprises build rich social experiences through personalized content delivered to people on Facebook via the advertiser's Facebook Page or app. User engagement then generates stories, which are analyzed to identify the most influential people and content. Stories are then promoted with paid media, amplifying the voice and actions of real users to attract new customers. Ampush’s solutions leverage the power of Referred Intent, thereby amplifying the voice of a brand’s most influential advocates to engage new consumers with far greater scale and speed than with traditional advertising.

In response to the announcement, Kushal Kadakia, Director of New Product Development, said:

"We are truly excited to continue building our new enterprise marketing platform. Project YOGA enables enterprises to easily create, analyze, and amplify social experiences that leverage News Feed content to achieve their marketing objectives, and we're gratified by the recognition that our team and its efforts have received from Facebook."

Ampush Co-Founder, Nick Shah, added:

“The PMD innovation competition victory helps us validate the Referred Intent objective we’ve been promoting to our clients. A fundamental aspect of social marketing is to deliver more personalized and engaging content that gives users good reason to share in the News Feed. When you couple this strategy with deep analytics and an intelligent paid media strategy, you can offer clients impactful social marketing solutions.”
Meghan Prober