Star Wars Price Guide Reaches Higher Audience

Move over collectors and dealers of Star Wars antiquities and treasures. The fans have found the Star Wars Super Collectors Wish Book and claimed it for their own.

Dallas, TX, August 10, 2007 --( Super collecting author Geoffrey Carlton has compiled a virtual museum in his 2007 guide, the Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book 4th edition.

Marketed broadly as a price guide, this 464 page full color book reports current values for over 40,000 collectibles, toys, and merchandise from all around the world. The research of prices nicely compliments the painstaking categorization of every item and original photography showcased in the hardcover tome. Over 16,000 color photographs cover to cover make the Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book visually exciting.

Dealers and collectors have been relying on Mr. Carlton's expertise and accuracy since 2001, but now it's the everyday fans who are snapping up copies for their coffee tables. The Midwest Book Review said in it's July review column, "Any library catering to Star Wars fans in particular will find it a popular pick."

"I was 10 when Star Wars opened in 1977, so I've been a fan for all of my life," confesses Mr. Carlton. "I didn't come to the realization that I was a collector too, until I was 30 and still buying all of the (merchandise) that I couldn't afford as a kid." His own compilation of Star Wars goods is over 26,000 pieces, which is where most of the photographs in the book originate from.

Fresh Star Wars material keeps the Saga alive, both in storyline and in merchandise. Geoffrey Carlton's quest to keep it all documented and safe for the rest of the world to peruse through at their leisure is a titanic task... one which he embraces daily.

The Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book (ISBN 1574325515) is available from the publisher, Collector Books in Paducah, Kentucky or from most local bookstores.


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