PLAVEB Launches Infographic That Depicts Battle Between Apple and Android

PLAVEB, a leading LA-based mobile and web development company launched a new infographic that uses statistics to visually represent the battle between Apple and Android smart mobile devices.

Los Angeles, CA, March 23, 2013 --( The battle between Android and Apple for market share of one of the most lucrative markets in the world continues unabated. Apple set the ball rolling in 2009 with the launch of the iPhone and Google launched the Android OS for smartphone in 2010, opening the doors for manufacturers that may want to compete with the world's most popular smartphone.

Over the last four years, thousands of new stories regarding the recording breaking sales and market penetration of smartphones have appeared in print. A lot has been written about the growth of Android and the threat it poses to iPhone which runs on the iOS. The number of Android-based smartphones is greater than the number of iPhones, while Apple's iPad sell more than Android tablets.

There is a wealth of information on different areas of the smartphone industry. Such stats can be of great use to businesses that are planning to develop applications want want to choose between Android and Apple. While separate Android and Apple stats are available all over, there are barely any resources that juxtapose Apple and Android figures.

For users that want to take a quick look at the figures and make quick decisions, PLAVEB has created an infographic depicting the battle between Android and Apple. The infographic, titled “Apple Vs. Android Battle of Statistics to Find the Ultimate Winner,” covers a number of factors, including ad impressions, market share for tablets and smartphones, and paid app downloads.

“We did not want to create another infographic with bars, pie charts or graphs. There are too many such infographics out there. We wanted something that was fun and easy to understand at the same time. We focused on creating an infographic in the form of conversation between Apple and Android,” a member of the team that create the infographics answered, replying to what was special about this infographic.

PLAVEB has been creating informative infographics related to design and smartphone since the last year and the company is quickly become a force in the infographics world. The infographics developed by this company have found a place on some of the best sites on the web and some of them have won awards as one of the best infographics of the week.

PLAVEB is a reputed LA-based mobile and web development company. It offers mobile app development and web development services for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The company is renowned for creative effective solutions that make a positive difference to the client's business.
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