Mycki Manning, West Coast Photographer Returns to Hometown for Reunion, Interview & Fashion Layout Shoot

Mycki Manning, Photographer & Artist returns home after 10 years on the West Coast. Her 20 year class reunion leads her back to a warm reception, being asked to photograph the fashion section of The Oklahoman newspaper and stay long enough for an interview on her career's success.

Las Vegas, NV, August 10, 2007 --( Mycki Manning went back to her hometown for her 20 year high school reunion and found herself shooting the Fashion Section of their newspaper and being interviewed for an article about her career’s success. Reconnecting with friends she left behind over 17 years ago and clients she walked away from 10 years ago to embark on the West Coast portion of her career, Mycki Manning enjoyed her trip back to Oklahoma more than she ever could have anticipated.

She has been too hard at work and forgot about the importance of friends and old connections, however because of her focus, she has created a vast body of work ranging from photography and video/film projects for the past 13 years that evolved from her beginnings as a make-up artist and on-camera talent over 20 years ago. Though she continues to work as a still photographer for advertising, talent and fashion shoots, she still can’t say no to celebrity make-up gigs – make-up has been a big part of her career for way too long, though she now focuses on being a photographer. She is embarking on a new phase of her career with a line of fine art photography to premiere soon in a West Coast Gallery, has a line of instructional tapes in the works, and is set to DP a noir, black and white style short film. Though the DP project is really stepping outside the box for her, she couldn’t say no when asked since her passion is time period and film noir style shooting. Mycki Manning is a true artist who connects all of these aspects of imagery through her classic approach to her work and her training as a skilled fine artist and painter.

Try to keep up with her as she blazes a trail with a magnetic energy that will leave most in the dust. Link to great newspaper article about Mycki Manning:

Link to fashion layout photographed by Mycki Manning:

Gallery of Mycki’s shoot at the Skirvin Hotel:, then click Fall Fashion 2007.

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