Living the Reality of Real Estate World on Camera

A reality show picks the darndest place for a realtor based show. The semi sleepy town of Tracy, is a five hour minimum drive from anything like Hollywood. This town is more like a suburban commute island, far enough East for affordable housing in California's costly market.

Tracy, CA, August 10, 2007 --( With the widely cast net of reality shows, home related shows are still thriving in a rough real estate market. You can either watch the news, or tune into some house-flipping channel where the realtor saves the day. This makes people wonder which channel is telling the truth; some of the reality shows seem awfully well planned. You are not going to stay on the network long, if you are not selling the hype.

The idea that only bad news sells, is pretty common in today's headlines. It is also true that fun exciting shows get great advertising dollars behind them. For this exact reason, a couple of regular hardworking realtors want to put the day-to-day grind on TV. Their concept is simple, no script or trap doors. Today more people are on some form of public video than ever before. Youtube has changed the world in that aspect; it has also spawned a million new ideas.

Within the next couple of weeks, the cast and production crew of will be dialed in. Their goal is to put their town on the net, in a way it has never been done before. Perhaps we will see, what the actual real estate world looks like up close and personal for the first time ever.

The current cast includes Ross Graham & Annie Dingman, as the shows realtors. Jason Pacheco from "Paint Pros Painting” will be contributing as well. The cast is expected to grow, as the producer wants to feature the many wonderful reasons to live in Tracy.

So if you are up for something "Real", tune in next month for the upcoming shows at

Len Dempsey