Emerging Artist Vows to Preserve Artistic Expression in Children

Glenda Freeman strives to teach others the value of creative expression.

Dallas, TX, March 25, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The opening of Glenda's, Art, Furniture & Jewelry marks the beginning of a journey its founder began during her years in college. Freeman states, "Art has been my passion since age 6, and I pursued my Masters in Education so I could devise a way to help and inspire children and women."

Glenda Freeman's work emphasizes freedom of emotional expression, technique and execution. Practicing the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness helps her to create art. The purpose of Mindfulness is to overcome sorrow and lamentation and for the end of pain and grief. Mindfulness allows one to see things as they really are. Meditation combined with painting has given Glenda Freeman the opportunity to heal from past experiences and begin anew.

Because art is a vehicle for learning as well as for self-expression, it can be utilized to provide learning opportunities for children in a way that other classes do not. For students who are particularly strong visual learners, art can help solidify skills in the other academic areas that are essential to successful, genuine learning. Helping parents recognize the importance of art in the overall learning process will be an inherent part of what Glenda's Art, Furniture & Jewelry is designed to do.

The gallery is currently in developmental stages, but has an aggressive plan to implement future Art Classes for ages 5-12, and free classes for survivors of domestic violence. To learn more about her future projects please visit www.gfreemanart.com.

If you would like more information about this topic please contact Glenda Freeman at 972.454.9004 or email Glenda at GlendaFreeman@gfreemanart.com
Glenda's Art, Furniture & Jewelry
Glenda Freeman