Report Shows Changes in Animal Research, Says Charles L. Starr III

Alternatives to animal testing being explored in many arenas, reports Charles L. Starr III.

Denver, CO, March 27, 2013 --( Charles L. Starr III notes that the landscape of animal research is shifting, pointing to a report that shows gradual progress for activists. As Charles L. Starr III points out, heated debates have played out for decades over the use of animals in testing various products. For animal lovers like Colorado veterinarian Charles L. Starr III, the recent news that alternative routes are being taken to test products is very welcome.

Charles L. Starr III, whose diverse practice serves domestic pets, wildlife, and horses, among others, says the report was the result of a project that brought a variety of experts together to discuss changes in the industry. The report, titled Animal Research Ethics: Evolving Views and Practices, was headed up by the Hastings Center’s Thomas Murray, Susan Gilbert, and Gregory Kaebnick, says Charles L. Starr III.

As Charles L. Starr III describes, during the project, experts pointed out major changes in animal testing that demonstrates how attitudes are shifting. One expert pointed to changes in chimpanzee testing, thanks to a recent ban on their use for research done with Federal funds. Charles L. Starr III adds that the experts feel this is a landmark moment in the battle to end animal testing, since it represents the most stringent restrictions so far.

As an example of how processes are being substituted for animal testing, Charles L. Starr III notes an additional issue mentioned in the report. Instead of animal testing, Charles L. Starr III says, researchers are using human cells to study the path of certain chemicals to determine if they are toxic. This was testing once conducted using rats and mice, Charles L. Starr III points out, but the tests were unreliable and required large populations of rats and mice to complete. The new method will be more efficient, Charles L. Starr III believes, in addition to saving the lives of animals.

According to Charles L. Starr III, experts believe these are important first steps in the battle to end animal testing. By using alternatives, researchers will be able to obtain results more efficiently, with minimum harm to innocent animals. Charles L. Starr III believes this is great news for animal lovers and researchers alike.

Charles L. Starr III is an active member of his community, participating in a variety of charitable activities. Part of this service is providing free microchip services to adopted pets to help new pet owners.

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