Paranormal Palace Radio Interviews Author Keith a Robinson

Houston, TX, August 11, 2007 --( Join them at Paranormal Palace Radio as they discuss Keiths new book Logic's End.

Keith uses fiction to provide a case for creation over evolution, in this action packed adventure were the main character Rebecca is separated from her group and stranded with a groups of aliens, that she finds the truth about creationism.

Former music pastor and public school teacher Keith will be covering other issues in this book as well, using the main character Rebecca's life and experiences to delve into such topics as suicide, slavery, abortion, euthanasia, cannibalism and relativism vs. absolute truth, to name a few.

Kieth has done an excellent job of addressing serious everyday issues through his story. So join them at Paranormal Palace Radio
August 15th at 8:00 P.M. Central. Call in number is on the homepage.

Paranormal Palace
Royce Holleman