Acclaimed Life Coach Barbara Wainwright Announces Formation of Wainwright Global to Expand Capacity to Help Others

Noted Life Coach Barbara Wainwright Announces Special New Training Program to Assist More People to Find Their True Passion and Purpose

Irvine, CA, March 28, 2013 --( Barbara Wainwright, a leading life coach in Southern California, announces she has formed a new spin-off company, Wainwright Global, to handle the growing interest she has received from those who would like to take advantage of enhanced training techniques she will offer through her new company.

Wainwright says her new organization, Wainwright Global, will expand her ability to reach new candidates globally so that they can avail themselves of programs that have proven to be enormously popular among those who have already graduated in her native Southern California. The company will accelerate Wainwright's ability to spread her already acclaimed methods for teaching life coaches how to improve their skills and better coach others.

“Wainwright Global will provide certified Life Coach Training for those that want to make a positive difference in the world by helping people live an authentically inspired life through the coaching experience,” Wainwright observes. Courses will be provided in both English and Spanish.

“Our mission is to provide outstanding life coach training to individuals who are passionate about helping people make positive life changes,” Wainwright notes with pride. “Our ultimate goal is world peace. How do we get there? We have a theory. If everyone on our planet were living their life as directed by their own divine inner-guidance; if everyone was embodying their purpose, it would lead to genuine, authentic peace within each individual, because each person would intrinsically know that they are making a positive difference in the world, that they matter, that they provide value just being who they are. As my friend, Helice "Sparky" Bridges would say, "Who I Am Makes a Difference."

Wainwright knows a lot about making a difference having dedicated her life to helping others step out of mediocrity into their best selves. Wainwright's life experiences have led her on a path of self-discovery and higher learning in her personal quest to make the world a better place for her family, her friends and her clients.

As a single mother struggling to support her two children, Barbara learned the lessons of self-reliance and hard work early when she first founded J.F. Positive Systems, Inc., a software development company which she ran for twenty-two years. Yet despite the success of her lucrative business, Barbara felt something was missing. With a deepening desire to give back, Barbara began her quest to share her knowledge and experience and to help other single mothers to succeed. She attributes goal setting, persistence, maintaining a positive attitude, self-motivation, expanding ones paradigm and remaining accountable to one's dreams as being among the key ingredients in her success; they have since became the cornerstone of her message.

In 1987, Wainwright co-authored the book: A Pocketbook of Affirmations - Powerful positive statements for a healthy, successful and happy life to expand on her message, and to help others take their lives to a higher level of success and fulfillment through the use of affirmations, visualizations, treasure mapping and goal setting. Before long, readers began to contact Barbara asking for more. Since that time, Barbara has been coaching and advising individuals as they seek new meaning and purpose in their lives.

Her continued pursuit of knowledge has led her to the study of enhanced communications, spiritual counseling, self-hypnosis as a motivational tool, Socratic Questioning for education and training and Holistic Healing. Barbara Wainwright is also a student of Pranic Healing and Angel Therapy.

Now a Certified Master Life Coach, Barbara Wainwright is the former worldwide President of Certified Coaches Federation.

In advance of launching her new website, and to celebrate her company's launch, for a limited time, Barbara has noted that she will give a $100 discount off the Life Coach Training and Certification tuition for the first 50 students.

Recent graduate Jud Nirenberg notes: “...I would recommend this course; it let me get a taste for what is to come and gave me contacts to other starting coaches, whom I expect to contact as I start to practice and need to share experiences or resources.”

Another recent graduate, Doug Neilsen, states: “...I would recommend this course because it gives you the tools to help people accomplish their dreams and a simple structure of how to coach and I can apply it immediately. Thanks.”

Another recent graduate, Jacqueline C. Mock, observes: “...I would recommend this course because it gives practitioners that want to be in the service of helping people, the tools to find and be happier in, and with, their lives.”

For more information, contact :

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