Bay Area Production Company Premiers a New Singing Cartoon Cat

Walnut Creek, CA, March 28, 2013 --( Those looking for a cartoon based in the Bay Area finally have something to celebrate. The Walnut Creek-based company, Little Thunder Productions, has premiered a new family friendly web cartoon known simply as LT. This cartoon, the brainchild of local musician Jim Krochka, features a singing cartoon cat that is bound to please both kids as well as adults.

The cartoons, which can be found both on YouTube and LT’s own website, feature original songs that are fun and appropriate for viewers of any age group. The songs will be available for download on the LT site, so that families can enjoy LT’s music while on the go.

The character LT is a young cat who with a love of rapping, dancing, and napping. He has a habit of thinking himself the coolest cat in the room, but typically breaks this illusion by doing something klutzy or making an awkward comment. Joining this singing cartoon cat are a number of other original characters, such as Sam E, LT’s side-kick, who aspires to be as cool as LT one day. There is also Lucio, who loves any word that ends in “o” as well as Jean Carlos, the tough bouncer at LT’s regular dance club.

On top of being produced in the Bay Area, the LT animated cartoon is also set in the Bay Area. LT lives in Walnut Creek, where he spends most of the day sitting on his couch and most of his nights dancing in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and the rest of the Bay Area. Fans can expect a number of local references, such as hot spots and landmarks, along with allusions to what is going on in the Bay Area

For those interested in checking out this new singing cartoon cat, the characters website has every video and song, along with other great LT content.
Little Thunder Productions
Jim Krochka
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