TruckingOffice Introduces Advanced Street to Street Route Planning

TruckingOffice is launching new features which give small trucking companies the power to make advanced street to street route plans for all the trucks in their fleet.

San Antonio, TX, March 28, 2013 --( TruckingOffice, an online software company that focuses on small trucking companies, introduces advanced street to street routing for dispatching. This new feature will allow customers to plan more efficient routes and to easily adjust the routes their trucks use to deliver shipments.

The advanced routing feature calculates mileage for the trip based on actual street addresses. It also displays a map of the route that is planned, and allows a dispatcher to edit the route. This allows dispatchers to plan more efficient routes and take into consideration state jurisdictions and tolls when planning the routes for a shipment. These more accurate mileage reports also allow the customer to complete more accurate submissions for the IFTA tax filings that are required every quarter.

This new feature will be launched at MATS 2013 in booth 68084 . It will be available for an additional fee to members on the Owner/Operator, Midsize, and Fleet plans at

“This feature gives our customers more control over how they run their trucks,” said Allen Campbell, founder of TruckingOffice. “That means that they can run their trucks more effectively which will result in them making more money.”

In addition to this new feature, TruckingOffice offers a base product which helps small trucking companies track and manage everything about their business. Because it was built by people with industry experience, it is tailored to the terms and workflows trucking companies already use.

About TruckingOffice, LLC.
TruckingOffice is an online application that makes it easy to run a small trucking company. TruckingOffice was founded by Allen Campbell and Ron Campbell. TruckingOffice has been built based on Allen’s industry experience to provide a unique tool to help small trucking companies succeed in a very competitive market. It currently serves customers across the United States and Canada. The company is based in San Antonio, Texas.
Allen Campbell