AAS Technology Now Offering Ethernet Over Coax Extender Kit Solutions for IP Camera Applications

Fremont, CA, March 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- From their corporate headquarters in Fremont, CA, AAS Technology has just announced that they will now be offering a new suite of Ethernet of coax extender kit solutions for their clients’ IP camera network requirements. The company’s new kit options will allow clients to overcome infrastructural issues to connect users across the same network, ensuring a streamlined connection for in-house surveillance and security applications.

Consolidating expenditure is a mission-critical goal for the modern organization. That’s why many surveillance systems operators are now reviewing the market for options that will help them to reduce the cost of their complex applications while improving their capacity. One of the leading products now being utilized by clients across the industry are cable extension kits, which enable them to reduce their use of expensive coaxial cable and enhance the range of their current Ethernet infrastructure to include further users within their networks. Within this key surveillance area, AAS Technology has become a noted leader.

The latest product available through the AAS Technology catalogue is the EoC-100K Ethernet over Coax Extender Kit, which enables businesses to extend the range of their Ethernet 100m-200 meters, depending on their unique infrastructure environment. As one of the leading surveillance component solutions on the market today, this product is ideal for IP camera applications in which key zones are being continuously monitored. By extending the reach of their Ethernet signal, the product also allows companies to eliminate additional cable acquisition and installation costs.

AAS Technology offers innovative solutions designed to help today’s business leaders reduce their security expenditure while improving organizational capabilities. To learn more about the company as well as their products and services, please contact the AAS Technology offices directly or visit their business website at www.aas.com.tw.
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