Web Design Studio Adds Built in SEO, Analytics, and Branding to Enhance Website Development Services

To Compete in the Website Design Business, Freelancers and Small Firms Have to Offer Diverse Marketing Methods for Success

Grand Junction, CO, August 10, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Web Site Design Studio has expanded development services to include website analytics, branding creation and built in SEO services. “Since competition in website marketing and design has become more intense, we feel value-added and integrated services are the best approach,” says Rob Wallace President of Web Design Services. The expansion happens with article submissions for clients, Google Analytics, strategic advertising when needed, and search engine optimization that are built into the website design.

For example, search engine optimization is easier because the three major search engines judge the value of a website by content relevance rather than the tricks, bells and whistles, and older SEO methods. Building value into a site is the best method for generating front door organic traffic. Understanding current trends in color usage and color psychology make a big difference in how long and how a website visitor stays on site. “To understand this, look at a site which has not been updated since the early 90’s versus a well implemented site today,” says Rob Wallace lead designer for Web Design Studio.

Giving any site regardless of size a scientific look at how it performs with analytics can convert a higher percentage of visitors into conversions by purchasing or taking another type of action while on the client’s website. Value through SEO, analytics, and an inviting website designed for the client’s demographic is what the modern freelancer or design firm can do to attract more clients.

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