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Waterless Carwash Kit Now Available from Dairy Crest Home Delivery

Miracle Drywash Now Delivered to Your Door by the Milkman

Crawley, United Kingdom, August 10, 2007 --( Dairy Crest, the UK’s largest doorstep milk home delivery distributor and best known for its dairy product brands, are promoting a new product with their home delivery product range: The waterless carwash product Miracle Drywash.

Along with milk, Cathedral City cheese, double cream and orange juice, the milkman will now also deliver Miracle Drywash to your door.

The kit, which includes a 500ml bottle of Miracle Drywash plus 2 micro fibre cloths, is available from Dairy Crest for £11.99 and is described on their latest order form like this:

“New waterless car cleaning and polishing kit. Ideal for cars, bikes, boats and caravans. Spray on wipe off. No sponges, buckets, hoses or shampoo required. No need to be near a water supply. Removes dirt, insects, tar, sap and brake dust. Up to 7 car cleans per pack.”

SJ Khebbal, founder of Miracle Drywash says that this is the first of several new big name distributorships for the product, more to be announced over the coming months. He adds: “This is further proof that more and more people are beginning to realise that Miracle Drywash makes sense, saves water and is a much more convenient way to wash and polish your car”.

Dairy Crest manufactures well known brands of dairy products such as Cathedral City cheese, Utterly Butterly, Vitalite, Clover and St Ivel. They also deliver milk to over 1 million UK households via their milkmen.

Miracle Drywash is a 21st Century, environmentally friendly, waterless car wash product that allows you to wash and polish your car, motorbike, caravan or motorhome without using water, and so saves water. In fact, each 500 ml bottle of Miracle Drywash saves 1 tonne of water. The product contains no chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and in the UK, it is endorsed by South East Water. At the recent World Water Conference held at Oxford University, England, Miracle Drywash was awarded the Waterwise Marque for its contribution towards water conservation. The product has also recently become available in Australia via Miracle Drywash Australia -

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